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Reseña de la Semana por Ernesto Martínez

Esperanza Rising

© 2002.

Happiness and turmoil go hand in hand in the lives of the protagonists of this unique story. It describes the incidents of little Esperanza, her parents, and her grandmother –owners of a lavish hacienda in a rural region of Aguascalientes– during the years after the Mexican revolution.

The recent social revolt gave many landowners a bad reputation, pointed out as inhumane exploiters who caused the misfortunes of the poorest. But it was not the case of Esperanza’s father who was appreciated as a fair patriarch with his workers to whom he even gave part of his land.

For Esperanza, there was no greater admiration than the one she professed for her father, since his multiple occupations never interfered with the moments he dedicated to pampering her as many times as possible.

However, the tragedy would impact the happy family, forcing Esperanza and her mother to flee to the United States. It is in the area of ​​the San Fernando Valley, in California, where they both have to face very difficult moments to survive.

The reader notices how a little girl must mature by leaps and bounds to face adversity. That adversity that has to do with the injustices that immigrants from south of the US border faced daily. Sad reality that in many cases has not changed even today.

The moral of this story has to do with the rebirth of its protagonist, like a Phoenix, emerging from the crisis as a result of her reevaluation of the human condition in difficult times.

This is one of the many Latin American readings that are included in the curricula of elementary schools in the United States. Enjoy it, dear literary citizens of Nación Libro!

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