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Reseña de la Semana por Ernesto Martínez

Fighting anxiety

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Have you been involved in one or several situations that demand your immediate attention but that were not necessarily part of your day’s plan?

The renowned immigration lawyer, Jessica Dominguez, tells us in her new book how her professional career demands time and unconditional attention in her day-to-day life. Whether because of her appearances on Hispanic television in the United States, because of her public speaking duties, or because of the attention she dedicates to the complex cases from her clients, hers is a tireless race to get the best out of 24 hours a day.

However, the reflection remains: what about the time one would like to dedicate to him or herself? When do we give quality time to the family? What effects does leading such a busy life have on physical health, and especially mental health?

Lawyer Dominguez shares her valuable advice on how to maintain a balance in our lives, always acknowledging the blessings that we receive from God to be happy.

Although in her book against anxiety and stress she engages in communication especially aimed at women (previous book: “Victorious Women”), the content is friendly to all types of readers. Don’t wait to enjoy it!

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Combatiendo la ansiedad
¿Has estado inmiscuido/inmiscuida en una o varias situaciones que demandan tu inmediata atención pero que no necesariamente eran parte del...

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