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Reseña de la Semana por Ernesto Martínez

The Coquíes Still Sing

© 2022.

In a remote place of the beautiful island of Puerto Rico called Utuado, the mating call of the coquí frogs is heard, an emblematic sound of the Boricua culture.

Elena, the protagonist of this beautiful story that shows cute illustrations by Kristal Quiles, enjoys the natural wealth of her community, such as the delicious snacks that local fruits offer her. The local fauna is also the cause of great national pride, “Coquí, coquí, how I love you”, is the song coming from the tiny frog so characteristic of the island.

However, the sounds of the coquíes would have died out after the catastrophic passage of Hurricane Maria, which caused thousands of human tragedies and considerable material losses.

Commendable perseverance drives Elena, her family and friends, and the rest of the nation, to fight to recover from the tragedy. A beautiful metaphor is appreciated: the seeds of the orchards whose roots will last for many years are planted again, but it is the cultural roots that will last forever.

To fully reward this incredible rehabilitation effort, one fine day, Elena and her family hear the song of the coquíes again. What a moving story! Read it with your family.

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