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Unbreakable Love: The 7 Principles for a Happy and Strong Marriage

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The author of this book, Freddy DeAnda, is a pastor of a Christian congregation located just outside the city of Chicago, Illinois. His ministry focuses on studying family connections of hundreds of members of his Hispanic church, for educational purposes.

But beyond the experiences expressed by his followers, DeAnda does a self-analysis of his own relationship with his wife Ellie. In this book, he narrates the beginning of his courtship, the (somehow fortuitous) celebration of their wedding, and the evolution of their marriage over the years.

How to prevent the monotony of everyday life from impacting the romance between husband and wife? One can be successful academically, professionally, in business. But these are matters that may well lead us to neglect the attention we devote to our partner. In words of the author, it is the small details (or their absence), which can make a big difference in the marriage relationship.

For this reason, the author invites us to reflect on the great aspects that strengthen our family, such as recognizing the individuality and needs of each spouse, vital communication, and of course, the relationship with God as a guide for our principles and values ​​in order to strengthen the unbreakable love.

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