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Reseña de la Semana por Ernesto Martínez

What I Saw

© 2022.

The legendary author of “Like Water for Chocolate” recounts her life in this, her new book, and does so with a jovial tone that seems more like a chat between friends. At a very early age, Esquivel learned to appreciate the valuable things in life, such as a joyful walk through the market of her childhood neighborhood (San Cosme, that’s where we must have run into at some point!).

She recounts multiple episodes that have seasoned her life, such as that time when she visited a street market in the beautiful city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, the owner of a fish stall recognized her and give her an enthusiastic hug and then give her a recipe for a dish that after the several years, she continues to prepare with great joy, in memory of that “marchanta”.

Being the most widely read Mexican author of all time, it is very pleasing to appreciate this beautiful narrative where Esquivel pays tribute to her Mexican roots, to the culture that she promoted so graciously in all corners of the world with her famous novel, which has become a must-read for multiple generations.

“What I Saw” is like the photo album that we all keep at home, the one that allows us to take a nostalgic glimpse to the past. Dear literary citizens of Nación Libro, dare to discover how Laura Esquivel opens the doors of her home to us with this book, and how she shares her heart with us. Enjoy this encounter!

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