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Reseña de la Semana por Ernesto Martínez

I am Rome, the true story of Julius Cesar.

© 2022.

In times when Rome was perceived as the center of the universe, an iconic figure emerged, the one who would leave his mark in the history of civilization. It is Julius Caesar, the leader of the masses, the statesman, who would ultimately become the celebrated dictator of the Roman Empire.

Many of us wonder how his political career could have arisen. In what convulsive situation would the state of the society of his time had he found himself?

Thanks to this entertaining novelized story by Santiago Posteguillo, we venture into what could have been the day-to-day life of this illustrious figure, who, as the book itself states: “After Julius Caesar, the world was never the same again.”

According to the story, the cruel Senator Dolabella was to be tried for serious cases of corruption. But his trial would be a farce since the accused would have bought the members of the jury, and his influence had extended to all the confines of Rome, even imposing his actions with violence.

Thus, a young and very seasoned lawyer would have to challenge the privileged political entities to seek justice for the people, not for the privileged minorities who provided shelter to the influential few. That lawyer was Gaius Julius Caesar.

For those who like the historical fiction genre, this is a content that Nación Libro widely recommends for its literary richness. It remains to say: Hail Caesar!

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